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LifeNet, Inc and Howard County Ambulance Service, L.L.C. have entered into an agreement in which LifeNet has purchased the ambulance service for Hot Springs Village. This purchase was approved by Village Property Owner's Association (POA) on March 18, 2009 and will become effective on March 29, 2009

LifeNet, Inc, is an Arkansas private non-profit ambulance service. Our charter requires us to engage in the provision of ambulance services and related activities.  Our home office is located at 6225 St. Michael Drive, Texarkana, Texas . You can visit us our main website at

Hot Springs Village Community Foundation - EMS Endowment

How can the HSVCF Endowment for Emergency Medical Services & Related Transportation help you?

Each year the funds from the endowment are used to improve the quality of emergency service provided in the Hot Springs Village area. This can include up-to-date equipment and training for the EMS drivers and medics.

You can help assure high quality service in our community by adding to the endowment. Find out more here.

Ambulance Service Funding and Member Benefits 

To support the cost of providing ambulance service to the occupants of Hot Springs Village, all property owners have a $6.25 per month charge added to their utility bill. The ambulance service charge is on a separate line on your water bill and is not taxed. In consideration for the monthly charge each occupant receives the following benefits:

  • Emergency transport for occupants with Medicare, with or without a supplemental policy or occupants with private insurance that pays a portion of the ambulance charges, service is covered at 100% - will owe nothing. If Medicare or insurance does not pay, the occupant will receive a 40% discount on billed charges.

  • Emergency transport for occupants without Medicare or private insurance will receive a 40% discount on billed charges.

  • Emergency transport of any patient who is not an occupant — After Medicare and/or private insurance pays, the patient will receive bill for 100% of the remaining charges.

  • Non-emergency transports which are ordered by a physician will have the same benefits as an emergency transport.

  • Not medically necessary transports for patients not ordered by a physician — will not be provided.

Occupants include all Hot Springs Village property owners regardless of occupancy, as well as residents, tenants, guests, and any and all other persons occupying the residences of Hot Springs Village. (Occupants do not include repair workers, housekeepers, and persons at residences for the purpose of providing a service.)

Even though the property owner pays the assessment renters also have access to the ambulance benefit . Renters can pick up a copy of the Schedule of Benefits at the POA Administration Office.

Use this link to view a FAQ on the ambulance service provided by the POA

Customer Service Satisfaction

Quality is one of LifeNet’s distinguishing characteristics. This quality begins with the skills and character of those selected to join the organization and their orientation to the company. It continues with the expectations that are set forth, not only for individual employees but also for the organization as a whole. It is well established that quality lies in the eyes of the customer or patient. As such, everyone in the LifeNet organization continually strives to define, quantify, and ultimately exceed his or her customer’s expectations.

To determine our success in meeting our customer’s expectations, LifeNet utilizes an independent survey company.

Each month, EMS Survey Team (EMSST) randomly selects patients from data provided by LifeNet. These patients are mailed the survey tool and are requested to fill out the single page form, adding their comments throughout. Patients then return the survey in the postage paid envelope to EMSST. Returned results are scanned and tabulated in the EMSST survey database.

From these results, EMSST develops statistical reports which numerically and graphically show how our patients view key aspects of the service they received.

Furthermore, these results are compared to the benchmarked results of all the companies using the survey. In this way, we can evaluate how our scores stack up against the aggregate “universe” of all ambulance scores.

A copy of the survey and our latest results are included in the chart attachments below:

Click here for more information on LifeNet's services


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